A blast from the past…

Mick was wheeled out again this week to talk the young Urban designers of Street NW about the Manchester City centre master plan following the IRA bomb. The talk started with Gazza’s goal against Scotland at Wembley and the birth of his son Jake both of which happened on the day of the bomb – 15th June 1996. Jake is 18 this month!

Three of Mick’s original sketches were found on disc in the basement and featured in the talk. Two sketches showed first ideas for the foot bridge connecting the Arndale to M&S (or Mark & Spencers’ as we called it then) which then became a design brief won by Stephen Hodder. Two other sketches showed first thoughts on how the Arndale could be re-faced and turned back to face the street again. WH Smith’s was the fist challenge (just near where the bomb went off) and by adding a new ‘skin’ a new entrance and enough space could be created to solve the level differences. The other sketch shows Mick’s view of what that new skin could look like in terms of new image for the Arndale….this was done in a hurry, just before meeting with architects…..as you can see it worked!





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