Out of the box!

At long, last artist Martin Nash and I have finally completed Phase 1 of our art project.

I have taken over a year on this I can say its been challenging trying to squeeze pretending to be an artist with yoga teaching at the YLP and the Founding of beanddo this year as well as designing more master plans.

This is how it the project works:

  1. Both artists fill a small box with stuff. It can be anything.
  2. Both artists then swap the boxes.
  3. They then have to make art with or be inspired by stuff they find in the box.
  4. Both artists then work. The idea is that both choose to do something outside what they would normally do. A chance to explore and challenge. To think outside of the box! (geddit!)
  5. When complete both artists make a small exhibition and invite each other over to review and discuss the work fuelled with lots of wine.

Here is a picture of my work. I was keen to look at scanning, repetition and collage. Similar,  to my assemblage work but on paper.

Phase 2 has yet to start but the idea is that each artist now chooses a piece from each other’s work and develops it further.

Here is Martin and me holding each other up in the office in front of my Out of the Box work…

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