‘You are nothing without an idea’!

So says one of my heroes David Lynch, film director, artist and yogi. It might sound a little hard, particularly, if you have convinced yourself, or been told by others that you are not an ideas person!

But he his making a deeper point about all of us. Making ideas, or creativity is somehow connected to who and what you are.

If you can’t remember when you last had a good idea, don’t worry. Contrary to what you or your employer might think there is never a shortage of ideas. There are trillions of ideas around. There are ideas for accountancy, hotel management, mechanical engineering, music, advertising and so on…It’s just that there is a shortage of un-blocked human outlets through which ideas can flow. All of us are conduits through which ideas of all shapes and sizes arrive. However, when we experience, fear, anxiety, stress, a poor environment; some management techniques and the decisions of a few finance directors, the flow can reduce or stop altogether.

Ideas, or more accurately, creativity, is all a question of how you are thinking, feeling and where and how you direct your attention. Ideas don’t need anything special. In fact just being still while being in the flow is all you need. You often find that ideas come when you least expect them. Learn to be non-attached. Meditation is the key.

When ideas happen, we all know that little frisson of pleasure, excitement and joy that seems to bubble up from nowhere. It’s a whole body/mind experience of happy momentum and purpose that for a while drives you and others along.

What if you could manage that experience and feel like that about your work all the time?

Get in contact. I can show you how.

Watch David Lynch’s film Meditation, Creativity, Peace here…

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