Thinking of learning meditation?

Well its simpler than you might think!

Its a shift of perspective, a change of one’s mind towards knowing a deeper contentment. Meditation is an 8000-year-old practice. Its sole purpose is to help you make that change.

Instead of constantly trying to rearrange and change your external world and the people in it, meditation helps you empower your inner architect to design and build an inner space where you can experience real peace, stillness and quiet.

This experience is not just mere happiness but a lasting sense of wellbeing in yourself and the way things are moment-by-moment.  Its in these moments when you realise you are fine, you don’t need to struggle.

You are already in the right place doing precisely what we’re supposed to be doing. For most of us in this current age of overwhelming distraction, expectation this will be an amazing revelation and an enormous relief.

The beanddo method will take you step-by-step through the benefits and realties of practice, based on the fact that we already have the resources to live a creative, stress free, happier, meaningful life. Mick introduces the tools and techniques of meditation practice, where it comes from, why its important, how it works, what it does and more importantly how to incorporate it into your daily involvement with the world.

Meditation is a method for becoming immersed in pure awareness by directing attention while managing the mind and body and senses. It is a way of gaining freedom from nagging thoughts, worries, and unrealistic expectations, hurt and suffering.

When practiced regularly meditation has the power to reduce stress, anxiety and mental pain. You will notice your day-to-day activities become effortless, more rewarding, creative and fulfilling.

The world will feel a brighter place and full of opportunity and profound beauty. With experience you will develop intuitive and penetrating insight, which will help remove self-imposed obstacles.

And then your life will flow smoothly and all suffering will melt away.

Imagine that.

Its your choice?


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