How long can you pay attention?

So its official.

Thanks to smart phone addiction we are now unable to pay attention to anything for longer than few seconds. In fact we really do now have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

Many of us seem to be willing participates in this situation as we are being, purposefully and artfully removed from the experiencing the real world everyday.

Our ability to direct and hold the attention of our mind, senses and body onto a singular event is vital to our continued wellbeing, our sense of self. But our smart phone addiction works against us cultivating that innate knowing and self-awareness.

The world in the smart phone says…move on, move on. Don’t stop, don’t think, just consume content. Stay distracted, don’t look up. Everything you need is right here…just one click away!

Smart phone addiction is easy because it compresses the world into smaller and smaller, easily consumed moments. It plays on the fact that we are looking for something to relate to. To hold on to. To define and shape once and for all how we are feeling.

But it never delivers…and thats how it keeps you attention.

Watch next time you are on the bus or tram. Notice how people will get out their phones directly on entering, drop their heads and stare intently into their phones. This is a form of protection coupled with a whole body, mind, senses disengagement so that can stay in their smart phone comfort zone, avoid eye contact and remain unnoticed.

Of course commuters used to do this with newspapers, but somehow its not the same.

We are being switched off!

This is a worry.

And it doesn’t look like its getting any better. People say that at least Pokémon Go is getting people outside and walking about. But they might as well not bother. They are still seeing the world through augmented reality; which ironically isn’t augmented or real! It also means that the Nintendo Corporation knows exactly where you are and what you are doing at any moment. – As does Facebook and twitter.

The truth is that how you and where you place attention is directly linked with your innate wellbeing. How you see the world is vital not only for ourselves but for the world too.

Directing one attention on purpose changes everything. It wakes you up!

Knowing how to pay attention, to concentrate, to guide awareness towards the outer world experience world leads directly to an increased capacity to know and experience ones inner world. Our wellbeing, creativity, sense of purpose and self comes from the  being able to combine both worlds together into one fruitfull whole.

The world and our senses seemed to be designed for that creative and nourishing connection. Writers, artists, poets, teachers and architects have known that for generations. So if we miss one part of that polarity what hope is there in finding out what the world is really like and who you really are.

So I think we are in danger of switching ourselves off. If you are worried about that get in touch.

Smart phones are great but – Don’t let them switch you off!

Find out how with beanddo:

beanddo Feb news letter

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