How to take your yoga practice on holiday.

There are places that invite you inwards.

They take you somewhere special and new but also familiar. You know them.

These places are everywhere but you need to know how to see them.

Once you get it, there is no going back. These special places resonate. They provide if only fleetingly a moment of unity, balance and potential.

These are places that invite you to say what if…..they inspire action.

For some it can be a town, a building or a landscape.

A framed view from a certain window.

A room that catches the sun, a certain sound- the wind.


Their essential nature and spatial structure of these places align with something inside it confirms something in you, peace, beauty, harmony, certainty…

And for a moment your inner and outer worlds join.

The outside has impacted on the inside. The inside reveals the magic of the outside.

This is what we call in architecture sense of place.

Strangely though it’s nothing to do with place but everything to do your senses and in particular how you look.

Take a walk around a place you know.

But instead of walking with expectation – just walk. Take the idea of me out of it.

Be a receiver not a transmitter.

Let the mood for looking take you and as you walk with a kind of outward listening that unfolds a deeper looking.

When you catch that sense of something, don’t ever congratulate your self on finding it.

Don’t say it’s me that is seeing; it’s me that is knowing how wonderful this place is – because that sense of “I-ness” will close off the experience. Just be open.

Then look. But instead of looking with expectation just look.

There is no you looking there is just looking which after a moment turns into seeing…..

Then you notice the town, the sunlight, the wind, the sounds. You notice everything revolve around you as move. You watch it unfold revealing itself with every step….and you flow with it all you are deep inside.


You are both the observer and the experiencer. You are simultaneously creating and watching the moment rise and fall.

This is conscious looking or meditation in action.

It’s a deeper awareness of where and who you are. And it’s a method of being and doing that can be used spontaneously everyday anywhere.

Your whole body mind is deeply entranced and involved as we move through and experience your place.

And then we get to that place where we ‘forget ourselves’ and yet are fully alive more fully ourselves than ever.

We are inspired. Your ideas about yourself your idea-personality fall away. And we see.

This is what we love those places. They help us go inward we are refreshed, relaxed more able to know where we are and we can do.

There is a joy in seeing places like this. Once understood you notice the most profound experience occurs, you see the infinite in the most finite experience.

Enjoy your holiday.

Pictures are from my week away at Robin Hood’s Bay.

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