How to catch your inspiration from meditation.

You don’t need much equipment when you meditate.

All you need is your favourite sitting posture either in a chair or on a cushion, a body that breathes and mind that senses.

Sometimes though, there is another vital piece of equipment to have a close at hand….

A notebook and pen.

The pen is key. Always have a pen handy…

Don’t spend time looking for a pen. It can be very frustrating because time is of the essence where ideas are concerned.

Buy why?

It’s often the case, when we emerge out of meditation we carry back some little insight or inspiration – a useful idea that seems to have just flowed into awareness.

It might be the beginning of a solution to something that has been in the back of your mind for some time. Or it might be something new, something you have never noticed before. What ever it is once you have given it space it appears, as if out of thin air.

It happens.

In fact it’s happening all the time.

It’s just that most of the time our self-created idea of who we think we are and we what we think we should be doing, gets in the way.

We are our own creative block!

When we meditate we learn to see beyond what we think we see.

As your conscious activity expands and flows in meditation there comes a moment of “self-forgetfulness” as your body-mind falls away. This isn’t a giving up- its more a letting go.

What you let go of is your own limited and restricted viewpoint.

Your perception deepens and your cognition expands. You can’t make this happen. It just happens…

Your intuition opens and you receive an insight or an inspiration.

Most of the time we ignore it, we are not interested, or we just don’t notice.

We forget easily as we get up out of our sitting practice and carry on with the day.

But our inspirations, our ideas, are to be cherished and acted on. Attune to them and work with them. Let them be the start of something no matter how small they seem.

If the world is in constant motion, made of potential and possibilities as the quantum scientists tell us, then meditation is a way to realise it in the present.

So write down or quickly sketch out in your book what has emerged…. It might be a simple diagram, a word, a sentence. It doesn’t need to be clear or fully formed at the time.

 Just get it down anyway you can. Don’t think about it.

There is no shortage of testimony in art, science, business where these intuitions simply flow and appear through the minds and hands of their authors…many report that these spontaneous insights and ideas are a surprise- they just arrive.

This is why many creative people feel wonder rather than ownership over what create.

So along with your special place, your cushion, chair and time of day, have to hand a way of recording quickly with out too much fuss what arises.

The great American yogi architect Louis Kahn told us that how we do something is private…but what we do belongs to everyone.


So make sure you remember to get your inspiration on paper.

You never how useful and important its going to be to somebody else…






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